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LWU - Literatur in Wissenschaft und Unterricht


is a literary quarterly published under the auspices of the English Seminar at Kiel University, Germany. It is devoted to literature in the English and German languages. LWU is particularly interested in fostering cooperation between adacemic research and teaching at universities and schools.

LWU regularly publishes theme issues on literary and/or cultural topics of specific relevance for university lecturers and school teachers. Contributions to a theme issue are reviewed and guest-edited by an expert in the field. Regular issues contain analyses of plays, novels, poems, or short stories together with articles on individual authors or literary periods. Additionally, detailed reviews of research, or criticism on a specific author or subject, as well as a section of book reviews and review notes are included. Special emphasis is placed on textual interpretation and close reading. The editors request contributions in English or German which explore literary works from this perspective, as well as reviews of research and criticism. LWU is a peer reviewed journal.


Editorial Board:
Matthias Bauer, Konrad Groß, Anna-Margaretha Horatschek, Martin Klepper, Jutta Zimmermann

Managing Editor:
André Schwarck, Tel.: +49 (0)431 880-2671 – Email

Assistant to the Managing Editor:
Johanna Schomaker – Email lwu@anglistik.uni-