Kathleen Loock Introduction: Serial Narratives
Ilka Brasch Narrative, Technology, and the Operational Aesthetic in Film Serials of the 1910s
Rudmer Canjels Sensational Programs
without Head and Tail:
Transforming and Distributing American Silent Film Serials in the Netherlands
Phyll Smith “Poisoning their daydreams”:
American Serial Cinema, Moral Panic and the British Children’s Cinema Movement
Björn Hochschild Superhero Comics and
the Potential for Continuation:
Identity and Temporality in
Alan Moore’s Watchmen
Guy Risko More than a Gangster:
Trilogies, Genre, and The Godfather
Kathleen Loock “The past is never really past”:
Serial Storytelling from Psycho to Bates Motel
Agnieszka Rasmus “I know where I’ve seen you before!”:
Hollywood Remakes of British Films, from DVD Box Sets to
the Online Debate
Marla Harris No Longer Watching for the Plot?:
The Crime Drama Bron/Broën
Maria Sulimma Simultaneous Seriality:
On the Crossmedia Relationship of Television Narratives
Robyn Warhol Binge-watching:
How Netflix Original Programs Are Changing Serial Form
Nathalie Knöhr The Professional Practice of
Serial Audio Drama Production
in the Age of Digitization
Ursula Ganz-Blättler The Medium Is the Audience:
Successive Talk as Narrative Pleasure
Bettina Soller Fan Fiction and Soap Operas:
On the Seriality of Vast Narratives

Shane Denson Postnaturalism: Frankenstein, Film, and the Anthropotechnical Interface (Dennis Büscher-Ulbrich)
Carlen Lavigne (ed.) Remake Television: Reboot, Re-use, Recycle (Marla Harris)
Frank Kelleter Serial Agencies: The Wire and
Its Readers
(Marcel Hartwig)
Sarah Schaschek Pornography and Seriality:
The Culture of Producing Pleasure
(Madita Oeming)
Rob Allen and Thijs van den Berg (eds.) Serialization in Popular Culture (Daniel Stein)
Amanda D. Lotz Cable Guys: Television and Masculinities in the 21st Century (Maria Sulimma)